Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Thirty Grand

     “Ummmmm, well the law says you can claim it, if nobody else does within seven days. Yes, if nobody claims it in seven days, we can keep it.”

     “Weee!” Donya Lucy exclaimed.”

     “Yea, what do you mean we?” The girl added.

     “Well you need a lawyer to file the claim, and I happen to be one.”

     “So what do you suggest we do?”

     There was a Bickford’s restaurant near by, a huge national restaurant chain that no longer exists, it went the way of dodo.

     “Why don’t we have a cup of coffee over there,” he said as he pointed to the Bickford’s, “and we can talk about it, you know make a smart decision.”

     The ladies looked at one another,

      “Why not it can’t hurt?” Donya Lucy smiled.

     “Okay then, my name is Luis Estafa,” he said as he handed each one his card,

     “and you are?”

     “Lucy,” she smiled.

     “Lisa, Lisa Slicker!”

     “Okay ladies now we know each other, so we aren’t really strangers anymore.”

     “I guess so,” Lisa agreed.

     So the three of them went in, and as the ladies sat down, Estafa asked

     “How do you like your coffee?”

     “Regularrrr!” Ms. Lucy answerd.

     “Would you like a piece of pie with it…don’t worry it’s on me.”

     “Hokay a liddle apple would be nice.”

     “How about you?”

     “No just a cream soda.”

     “How about pie?”

     “Well if you’re buying, why not?”

     “Okay then, its regular coffee, two pies, and a cream soda coming up.”

     The ladies nodded in agreement, and as he left, they slyly counted the money in the bag.

    “Oh my goodness…it’s almost thirty thousand,” Lisa girl blushed.

      Of course by that time, Estafa was back with their snacks, and as he handed each one their order,

    “So what do we have here?”

    “It’s thirty thousand.” Ms. Lucy whispered.


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