Monday, August 15, 2011



     Eighty something Don Pedro started smoking again the last time I saw him, and he was still waiting to get paid. Getting ripped off is another thing. An acquaintance I once knew worked very hard since he was a kid. I remember we used to shine shoes side by side, in front of Hearn’s Department store in the Bronx, on third Avenue. When he was a freshman at college he worked there in the meat department. He went from shinning shoes to cutting meat. That store seemed to be there for ever, and everybody in the nabe shopped there. Hearn’s had everything. Anyway, Dick and his sister shared a bank account with their mom, who handled all their finances.

     One day Ms. Lucy was up on Fordham Rd meandering about, gathering as ladies do on Saturday afternoons. As she aimlessly strolled along, she met a very handsome, and dapper Cuban. She was waiting to cross a light when a young lady bumped into her.

     “Oooops, I’m sorry, mam!” She politely apologized.

     “Oh no worry it’s nutin!” She smiled.

     The girl smiled too, and showed her a large pocket book stuffed with cash. Ms. Lucy smiled, and didn’t say anything.

     “I just found this, and don’t know what to do? Do you have any idea what I should do?”

      “I dunno, I mind my own bisness,” she responded as she tried to walk away.

     At that very moment the Cuban stepped in, and when he saw the cash, he loudly exclaimed:


     This word amuses me, because Boricuas, Cubans, Spaniards, and others use it as an exclamation, and many of them don’t seem to really know what it means. FYI y’all…it means “CUNT!” Check out its etymology, it comes from Latin, and it literally means cunt.

    Anyway, after the conyo, the Cuban asked,

     “Is there a problem, can I help you? I’m a lawyer.”

     The young lady explained how she found the bag, and was wondering what to do.

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