Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Happy Boitday

     “Ya promised ta buy me a pizza ana bea when I was old enuff!”


      “Well,” She smiled like the Cheshire cat, “Guess what, man?”

      “Ya got me sweets!” He smiled back.

      “Today I am!”

     So after the games they schlepped to the pizza shop, and he ordered a pie and two bears. When the pie arrived he sang happy birthday, and they spent a couple of hours polishing off the pizza. She had a bear and a half which made her tipsy, so when she tried to stand up she got dizzy and almost fell, but he grabbed her and held her steady.

     “Can ya walk?”

     “I dunno I neva felt like theez befo…he hee!”

    She leaned on him and slowly he walked her home, she was in seventh heaven, next to the man she loved. It was early evening and as they turned the corner into her block,


     Some poor delusional soul decided to end it all, jumped off a roof of a five story building, and landed right at their feet. One more step and he would have landed on top of them. It was a most grisly sight, his head rested on a pillow of blood, it streamed from his head, his eyes stared into the other side, and his body made a few jerky movements, before he lay still. They stood there frozen to the spot, staring at a sight that was like a scene from a movie, except it was real and Angie was in shock. Anthony could feel her body tremble as he put his arm around her, but all he could do was to caress her back because he was speechless, his mind was in as much of a shock as she was.

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