Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Figlio Mio!

     “Oh Sheeeet!” Somebody cried.

     Soon there was a huge crowd about the body, the cops and firemen arrived soon after, and they questioned the couple about it.

      “Can ya spare a butt, man?” Anthohny asked a stranger who was lighting up.

     “Sure hea ya go buddy!”

     “Man I bin trying to quit, but diz hea!”

     “Ina Ina, man I hea ya. I saw youse and thought he wuz gon land on youses.”

     “Damn bwa, I wasn’t even thinking about that.”

     When Angie saw Anthony lighting up,

     “Can ya spare anoda one?” Angie asked.

     The guy looked at the trembling young woman, and

     “Yea ya looks like ya needs one, sho hea!”

     “Angie, I dint na ya smoked!”

     “Hack hack cough cough cough…foist time!” She said as she reeled back.

     He grabbed her arm, led her over to the nearest stoop, and as he helped her sit down...
     “Angelina! Wada ya doing smoking, uh?

     It was her mom, upset to see her daughter smoking…

     “I dint raises ya tadoo diz- put it out!”

     As she was screaming at Angie, she looked down, saw the body,

     “Wat da!” and reached for a smoke herself. When she exhaled she asked,

     “Wat happened hea…Ange are ya okay honey?” She asked as she caressed her her scalp.

      She smiled, looked at Anthony, then at her mom,

      “Yea mom I’m okay,” she murmured as she exhaled, and introduced her pal,

     “Ma diz is Ant…”

     He stood up to shake her hand, and before he could say anything, mama grabbed him, gave him a bear hug…

     “Figlio mio! If my liddle girl loves ya, I loves ya, uh.”

     He was speechless, tongue tied, he smiled, looked at Angie, then at mama, and not knowing what to do, he instinctively gave her a peck on the cheek as if she were his own mama, and hugged her tightly back.

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