Monday, August 22, 2011


Promises Promises

     So it went, the years went by, every summer there she was waiting for him to show up at the courts, and he wondered when she was going grow out of it. One day they went for pizza after his games, and when she tried to drink from his beer he howled:

     “Whoa lil girl, you ain’t old enuff yet.”

     “Ima be eighteen soon you know!”

     “Well when ya are, then I’ll buy ya one, okay.”

      The next year she graduated from high school, and could have gone away to college, but she wanted to be near home, if for no other reason than to see her beloved Anthony once in a while. Then one day that summer on her birthday she sprung it on him.

     “Guess what Ant?”

     "Waat at?"

     “Today is my boitday, dude!”

     “Really…wow ya 16 ahready?”

     “No dude, today I’m an adult dude, no longer jail bait man, it’s da big one ate, man.” She said it with a big smile as her pearly whites gleamed in the sun.

     “Wow…my lil sis is all grown up…where dida time go?”

     “Sis! Is that what ya tink?” She was miffed.

     “Well, I’m lots older than youse, ya shad be chasing dudes ya own age dudette.”

     “They all a bunch of geeks, man…they all dumb…morons- nothing up stairs.”

     “There be millions of em, keep looking, you’ll find somebody.”

     “I already found somebody,” she smiled at him.

     “Oh no, we ain’t going da again.”

     “Okay…but ya gotta keeps ya pwomise dudio!”

     “An wat promise is det?”

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