Friday, August 19, 2011


A little Richer

     “Ummmmmmm, good point, lets take Lisa to her bank, then we’ll go together to your bank. Is that good?”

     “Yes, okay,” Ms. Lucy nervously smiled.

      It was an impressive brand new, black, brougham Cadillac, and Ms. Lucy was smiling as she got in. It was her first time in such an expensive car. Of course Lisa was able to quickly get her ten grand, which she immediately showed to Ms. Lucy, put it in the bag, and then it was off to her Banco Popular.

     It was her life savings, not only hers but also Dick’s and his sister. She was going to double their money in a few days. She had seen Don Luis’, and Lisa’s money, so she had faith it was all going to be all right. She went right in and took out the ten grand, leaving only a few hundred left in the account. She got back in the car, and showed them her share of faith.

     “Now what she asked?”

     “Well put it in the bag, I’ll file our claim, we wait a few days, and we'll all be a little richer, uh?”

     “Yea but who will hold the money,” Lisa asked.

     “It’s fine with me if Donya Lucy holds it,” he said as he looked at her, “I believe she’s an honest person,” he smiled reassuringly as he patted her arm.

     “Okay then,” she said as she gave the bag to Ms. Lucy.”

     “She opened it, and looked inside to make sure all the money was in it.”

     “So where do you live Ms. Lucy.”

     “Oh okay…over on Melrose Avenue, and one handred and fiftieth street.”

     When they got there Lisa walked her home to be sure it was where she lived.

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