Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A Deposition

     “Okay what’s da deal!”

     “No biggie…just a deposition.”

     “How much?”

     “A hunet!”

     “A ite then, fax me da papah woik.”

     “Na na, no papahs, jest go up da, tell em Mary sent ya!”

     “Well send me the confirmation.”

     You always get a fax confirmation from agencies, so you can document your assignment, and file your request for payment.

        “It’s on the way.”

     Good thing I had a New York State primer, it was one of the first things I learned- to have it with me all the time. It has everything you need to know about New York notary law. I was totally ignorant of what I had to do, and I had ninety minutes to learn. I went out there right way, and was forty minutes early. I used the time to acquaint myself with the procedure, what I had to do, and tried to memorize it. I’m not good at that, so the extra forty
minutes was really cool. About ten minutes into my research, as I was sitting on a bench out in the hallway, a fellow came up, and introduced himself. He told me they were a national equestrian organization, investigating an animal abuse complaint out at a Westchester County farm.

     “We’re in a recess right now," he said as he looked at his watch, and continued, "In about ten minutes the next case starts, and someone will come out to get you.”


      What was I to do I silently asked myself. He notice and asked,

     “What’s the matter?”

     “Oh, nutin, everything’s Okay.”

     “Ya sure!”

     “Not to worry!”

     “Oh I must!”

     “How so?”

     “You see the hotel has a notary, she’s been here for more than twenty years. But, da old dame doesn’t know what da hell she’s doing.”


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