Sunday, August 28, 2011


60 Grand A Month

     The crew working in his apartment broke his refrigerator, and he had to fight with the landlord to get a new one. Eventually he did, but should he had to have struggled for it? On a big job like that, things are bound to go wrong. My pal had an under the sink water filter, and since they put in a brand new sink counter, they broke the filter housing, they cracked it. He waited too long to report it to the land lord, and so he wound up having to buy a new one. Every day that week they found something broken, his ceiling fan, all kinds of little things, things that are quality of life issues, no big deal but together they cause stress.

     They were afraid to wash their sealed bags, because they didn’t know if their home was bug free. I don’t know what I would’ve done, I might have lit up one or two or three smokes, but my man toughed it out. Bravo! This too shall pass was his motto.

     A few years ago I became a notary to work as a closing agent on RE deals. A lot of people made a ton of money, but not me, I came in at the tail end of the deal. I met a woman in Hillside the year before who was making $60,000.00 a month.

     I was trying to network, and became acquainted with her through a mutual friend, so I called her one day. I told her how I had made fifty two grand the year before.

     “Oh that’s no big thang, I was making sixty a month then.”

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