Friday, August 26, 2011


Bed Bugs

     At that moment he told me he felt a strong urge to bum a smoke from the super, but he told me it passed just as quickly as it came. This too shall pass he mumbled over and over at the time.

     After all of their consultations they deiced to redo the whole apartment. It sounds cool, but he’s been there for thirty years, with as many collectibles as you gather in that time. The landlord put the family in an empty on the fifth floor for a month. They put everything in two rooms, took as much as they could to the new place, just enough to be comfy for the month. They made arrangements for cable to transfer their service upstairs, and then back down stairs. The old man, and his cronies told them it was a free cable service. It took a lot of haggling with Cable to get it done, they wanted to schedule it for thirty days, but by then they would have been back. They had to struggle with the landlord to put cheap blinds on the windows, and put freaking toilet seats on the commodes. He and his family spent twenty eight of the most miserable days up there, and sometime during the twentieth day or so they found bed bugs in their mattresses. They had to throw them out, they were practically new, they only had them for a year or so. It was a pain for them to get all that crap upstairs, then back down again. His wife told me,

     “Un freaking believable, not a freaking smoke…I’m so proud, man!”

     “Wow!” Was all I could say.

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