Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Smoke in the air

     All in all nothing changed, everybody enjoyed a smoke. Whenever we passed by the teachers lounge, we could see the smoke, like dark gray storm clouds hanging in the air. They were sitting around, our role models puffing away, doing the old do as we say, not as we do thing. That was their bag.

     Perhaps because all the movie stars smoked, in every freaking movie that came out, (or that our parents, and most adults smoked too), it looked like it was...we thought it was cool. Shame on Hollywood! It conned everybody into believing it was the coolest thing to do. The guys wanted to be like Cary Grant, Clark Gable, But Lancaster or Frank Sinatra; while the girls were into stars like Betty Davis, Kim Novak, Lana Turner or Marilyn Monroe. Everybody wanted to be cool, so we did as they did- we smoked too.

     The freaking butts were, (are addictive, and poisonous), but nobody knew, and we never gave it a second thought. Nobody cared! We were puffing away every where, on every street corner, park, and party. We thought we looked cool, blowing little Os into the air, like a star in some movie; one upping each other; who made the biggest Os; dangled his butt on his lip the longest; blew smoke up into his nostrils, and inhaled. Dumb little things! Methinks I remember one guy even blew smoke out of his ears once, but I’m not sure about that.

     Maybe blowing smoke out of your ears is possible. After all, the sinus cavity connects to the ears, nose, and throat. When you inhale, the smoke goes down the throat, into your lungs, except when you accidentally gulp, and it goes into your stomach. Damn, that is so un-cool. Do enough of that you may get stomach cancer, uh.


  1. Yeah smoking was more accepted and wide-spread in the old days. The old "Twilight Zone" shows where the doctor would just lit up. I remember smoke from the teacher's lounge. The Simpson's Teacher and the two twin sister's chain smoke. Yeah our role models did it, I started when I worked a grave shift job and when it got slow everyone was smoking. I started bumming, start buying, and got hooked. Been fighting the Nicodemon ever since.

    One month, two weeks, four days, 20 hours, 54 minutes and 12 seconds. 1745 cigarettes not smoked, saving $610.92. Life saved: 6 days, 1 hour, 25 minutes.

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