Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The Begining

     The mind is the builder, it’s our flesh computer. It’s not us, we’re different from the mind. The mind is a computer which processes all of our activities, stores them, and from time to time like a computer it will pop them up on our mental monitor, our mind's eye. We’re made of flesh, spirit and soul, the soul is our being…us, the I am in it all.

       The spirit is that divine energy which gives us all life. We are spiritual beings, but sometime after being a toddler- we forget. Our nature is therefore a spiritual one, but our mind is made of flesh, concerned with the flesh, and the things of the world. So, like a DVD, it records for our memory our experiences as we age. It remembers what we need to survive: good health, food, shelter, and money. It also remembers those things which entertain us, our vices: sex, booze, drugs, and tobacco. To wit, it harbors all of our negative and immoral thoughts. If it was of a spiritual nature, it wouldn’t do so. Ergo, we’re in a constant battle to overcome negativity, bad habits, and failure. It’s an on going struggle! Just as we delete things in our computer, we need to do the same with our mind. It’s our heart, of which Jesus says, it’s from whence our evil thoughts come.

     St. Augustine used to love to read novels, but when he became a priest, he stopped because the plots would pop up in his mind while he was at prayer. I have found this to be true, I love playing chess on line. Once I was almost addicted…no I was addicted. I could not play just one or two games. Then when I prayed, the moves, strategies, and the what ifs of some outcomes would pop into my mind. Now if the mind were of a spiritual nature, it wouldn’t do that. It’s just a flesh storage facility so that we can remember the things we need to do, would like to do, or want to do. It facilitates habits, whether they be good or bad. So, if you want to overcome your habits, you first must discipline your mind. That is done one small step a time, with force of will, persistence, determination, and lots of love.

     the begin…

p.s. Yahoo has 144 support groups with several thousand members dedicated to helping each other quit smoking. You can find one that fits you. Check them out at:

pps…my thanks to all of you who’ve followed me on this odyssey, and for your kind compliments. God Bless and good luck!

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