Monday, September 5, 2011


Dust Bunnies

     One day Patron noticed dust bunnies high up near the ceiling in a very precarious place.

      “Juanito come hea a sec.”

      “Sho ting boss.”

      “Look up da, do ya see dem dust bunnies?”

      “I don see no bunnies boss?”

      “He hee heee…no no, not real bunnies…dust balls?”

      “Oh I see.”

      “So ya see em?”

      “No no, I mean I unastand wat you say…no bunnies.”

      “ doya see da dust up da?” He pointed high up to the ceiling almost over the soup.

     “Oh yea, now I see…so dat is dust bunny, uh. Why you callit dat?

     “Neva mind alla dat, can you clean it up? We don’t want it falling ina soup…do we?

    It was too high to reach with anything, and there was no where to put a ladder. So Juanito carefully climbed up on top of a table, over a fridge, and gingerly slid across a railing high above the boiling soup.

     “Careful Juan.” Somebody hollered.

     “Leave im alone, man.”

     “Yea dude, ya don’t wanna make im noivous.”

     He was about to put his rag on the bunnies, when the head chef came in, saw him precariously over the soup, and without thinking yelled,

      “Hey you! Wada hail ya doing up da?”

      “Yaiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee Dios mio!”

   Juanito was rattled, lost his balance, and fell straight down, splashing right into the freaking  soup.

     “Oh shit!”

     “Holy smoke!”

     “Somebody do sompen!”

     They all ran around like mice wondering what to do, as poor Juanito’s screams curdled their souls, and quivered their bones. The soup had been simmering for two days, and nobody knew how to get him out of it. But someone did remember to call 911.

     “Hurry one of our guys fell into the soup!”

     “Waaaada fack…lookey hea I gots da Max bwos ona line,” he heard the guy say, he thought it was a joke, and hung up.

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