Saturday, August 20, 2011


Angie's Crush

     Handball is a cool thing here in the city, and over under the Triboro Bridge there are several courts. It’s really cool there in the summers under the shadows of the bridge. Anthony was a good looking orphan, about twenty five when he started hanging out there, Angie was just about thirteen, and starting to blossom into her femininity. When she first saw him, her little heart skipped a beat, and she immediately developed a crush on him. She used to stare, and smile at him all the time, hoping he would notice her. But she was an instant ticket to jail, so he did his best to ignore her. His indifference crushed her soul, and so she made up her mind to win his heart. One day at the water fountain, she intentionally bumped into him,

    “Hi!” She smiled.

     He smiled back,

     “How ya doing?”

     He was just being polite, but it was a big deal to her, she now had his attention. After that she managed to run into him at the cooler all the time. When ever she spied him on his way over, she spirited herself to the fountain before he got there. Slowly she began a friendship hoping to one day snag him. But to him it was just a big brother thing, she was cute and would someday be da bomb, but for now she was just a kid, so he treated her like one. He knew it was just a kid’s crush, and one day she would grow out of it. Any other notions he didn’t even dare entertain because it was a one way ticket to jail, and he didn’t want any part of it. She was miffed at that, but for now it was better than nothing.

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