Thursday, November 18, 2010


My sweetie

     But I did. Anyway, just before it ended, as we were getting ready to go home, I heard a sweet voice call out my name. I turned around, and there sitting with two pals from school was my sweety. I walked over, kissed her on the cheek, and said hello.

    “My, my my you look as lovely as I remember!”

     She smiled, and asked: “Why haven’t you written?”

    “I wrote you a ton of letters.”

    “I never got any!” she pouted.

     I lit a cigarette with the one I had been smoking, and she says:

    “My you’re smoking a lot!”

    “I’m trying to quit, but it’s hard. Back on base it’s about all we do. Anyway, your letters all came back to me stamped return to sender.”

    “You got the right address?”

    “How could I ever forget your address? Did you guys move?”

    “No we’re still there!”

    “I think somebody in your family doesn’t like me very much. There’s no other explanation.”

    “You must write again, and I’m going to check this out.” She looked upset as she said it, so I believed her. She didn’t have a clue.

    “Yo dude, we gotta go, man!”

     My pals started screaming that we had to go, it was snowing, actually it was a freaking blizzard, a Nor'easter, and they were my ride. I had no other way to get home. So I looked deeply into her brown eyes, and kissed her sweet cheek again.

     “Gotta go sweety!”  I said.

     “Write, me!” she said. “Please!” she added, as I walked away.

     I never saw her again. I was long over her, and didn’t bother writing. I felt that whom ever had returned my letters, would do it again, and since I didn’t give her my address I never heard from her again.

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